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Caracolpaz drumming with kids

Poems For The Children
Illustrations by John Alicea Copyright 2009, 6 x 9 inches, 72 pages,
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The poetry in the collection “Caracol” is a result of working with children and listening to them think, question and dream about life. In the time that I have had the privilege of spending with them as a teacher and friend, I have listened to them speak of their fears, loves, ideas and dreams for the future. I have laughed with them at some of the things that they find funny and I have even cried with them when they have questioned some of the things that go on in the adult world.

With “Caracol”, I make the attempt to share with them that someone does pay attention to what they say and wonder about. My hope is that by recognizing some of their thoughts and dreams, come to life on paper, they will continue to dream, laugh and talk about them to those who will listen to them.

To their parents, their teachers and their friends, I remind you that a conversation with a child is a true blessing; LISTEN! And please don’t forget to read to a child, no matter how old a child gets, they love being read to. A habit that you hope they take into adulthood and share with their very own children.

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