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Mommy, Do Fish Sleep?
This Poem

fish sleeping

Mommy, Do Fish Sleep?

Mommy, do fish sleep?
Do they eat breakfast,
lunch and dinner
like me?

Do they go to school?
Go to the swimming pool,
and do they have to take a bath before
they go to sleep at night?

Mommy, do fish sleep?
Do they play games
and go to the movies with their friends?

Do they take a nap,
eat a snack,
run up and down
the stairs, like I do?

Mommy, do fish sleep?
Do they let their balloons fly up into the air,
brush their teeth
and comb their hair,
like I have to do?

Mommy, do fish sleep?
Do they color pictures
and draw them too?

Do they add two plus two,
hug each other
like me and you?

Mommy, do fish sleep?
Do their mommies tuck them in
like you do to me?

Do they read them a story
every night, like you do?

And Mommy, if they do,
Do little angels dance around their heads,
like you say they do to me,
when you peek in
to make sure,
that I am sound asleep?


flying alligator

This Poem

This poem is for laughter,
for funny things
that tickle you in such a way
you can’t explain.Like elephants in tutus,
giraffes in sneakers,
monkeys in suits,
bears in rubber boots. This poem is about ha ha
and hee hee.
Like a donkey in a tree,
or a purple bumble bee.It’s about laughing
all you want,
because it is how you feel inside,
and there is no special reason. It can happen
to you and me
Summer or Fall,
it really doesn’t matter at all.It’s just that something funny,
has tickled your funny bone
deliciously inside,
and you feel like laughing,
until alligators
learn to fly.

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