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Fire From Hell

Copyright 2004, 6 x 9 inches, 192 pages. $11 plus $2 shipping.

On September 11, 2001 our lives as we knew them were changed in a manner that we could never have ever imagined, never! We had become used to seeing the images of terror and horror in other lands never on our own shores. We had become used to the pain on other faces, in other places, but never within our world.

Until, at 8:46 A.M., from the sky came an abomination that we could have only fathomed on our movie screens but never in our own personal reality. We had cheered and raved about the special effects we had viewed but this time it was not a fantasy. So many of us cried, “God, where were you?”, as we tried to comprehend the unbelievable scenes that unraveled themselves before us.
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In "Fire From Hell", I have tried to both acknowledge the request of a very special friend and student, Michael Rodriguez Gonzalez, who witnessed this horror and survived the falling of the first tower on 9/11 and then, unfortunately, passed 18 days later from medical complications.

I have also tried to document some of the emotions, experiences and thoughts that arose from this surrealistic insanity which touched us all in one manner or another.

"Fire From Hell", I am sure, is one of many perspectives that came to light in this infamous moment in the history of our lives. "Fire From Hell", is, in part, mine and that of those who have shared their thoughts with me.

I hope that in Michael's memory and the memory of us all on that day, I was able to put into words what he had so urgently asked me to do and what others have told me. That you may be able understand, be helped with your own personal experiences through the reading of these words.

This book is also dedicated to ALL the men and women from ALL walks of life, who along with our Bravest and Finest, became unforgettable heroes on this day which shall be with us forever and a day!

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