Fire From Hell - Selected Poems
Fire From Hell
Pen Pals

Fire From Hell

Sunshine blue sky
birds fly
wind blows
we moved
went from here to there
and back again

Hope and desire
no one expected the fire
no one believed
that it could rain
pain from the sky
that moments later
our collective souls would cry - Oh God!!!

Fire from Hell
no one could tell
where the insanity
had materialized from
life was being accidental
reality lied
denial obliterated
restated the truth
terror reigned
from the sky

Hell awakened upon the Earth
walked amongst us
shocked and stunned
we watched the sun
seeking freedom
longing to breathe
the air of life
of security

Hoping to awake
from the dream
only to find
it isnt a dream
it isnt a dream
it isnt a dream
Oh my God
it isnt a dream
though it seems

Fire from Hell
our eyes sting
ears ring
the sounds of sirens singing
an eerie song

we long
for those we love
for the power above
to end the nightmare
clear the air

pick someone up
the panic gives you strength
you move
a sea of fear
pushes you
motivates you
a wall of horror
inspires the soul
to flee the fire

The fire from hell
we can never fully tell
How many seconds
are ours
never say
how many days
are left for us to play
say to another
"I Love You"
I do!
You are my Life!

Can never tell
When the fire from hell
will singe
ring the bell
that reverberates within
the collective soul!

*Inspired by a conversation with Michael Rodriguez Gonzalez, who survived the falling of the first tower on 9/11/01, on the evening of Friday September 14th, 2001 in Jackson Heights, Queens when he became a hero for the second time!


Pen Pals

And he asked the children
to do their part
to give from their little heartsOne dollar for a pen pal
across the ocean
across the sky
it would fly
and drop
in the form of love
which we would buyOne dollar
to shower them with friendship
while our birds of prey
light up their nightsOne dollar
to offset the horror
that our wise men
inflict upon the ones they loveAnd he asked
the little ones
to do their part
to open up their little hands One dollar
to build a bridge
across to their land

While it rains
fire from the sky
while the night
cries tears of flames
while we sing
a litany of names
ascribe a blame
seek revenge
for their pain

Created by wise men
who have let the power they hold
make them insane

Created by wise men
who gave aid
walked away
without a word to say Created by those
who now must face
their FrankensteinAnd he asked
the children to partake
use their money
for candy and cake
so that he could take it
to their reflected images
across the sea

Asked them to become
for peace
while we busy ourselves
with the business of war
and create
collateral whores
for future endeavorsAnd he asked
the children
to do their part
to open up their tiny heartsOne dollar
for a pen pal
across the ocean
across the sky
it would fly
and drop in the form of love
the hate
the anger
the terror
the fear
the pain
the power
the revenge
he sends he hopes
their love can justify!

*Inspired by a photograph in the WORLD (Peoples Weekly), Saturday, October 13th, 2001 Vol. 16, no.19 pg. 3, During dedication (Oct. 4th) of a Playground and Peace Garden at the East Fort Worth, Texas, Montessori School. Students carried flags of many nations as they circle around the playground, while in the background the adults, including representatives of Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, Christian faiths, wait to sing and pray together!

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